Take Me

Take Me

[Erotic poetry by Keri Fields]

Take my hand…

bind it, bring
me back into myself. Bring me
to my knees with pain or fear or
passion. Take me, every
single piece.

Take my sight…

wrap tight
my eyes in darkest cloth, so
all I know and sense is you. Force
me to feel the piercing of your voice
into my skin until the soaking
blindfold drips of tears.

Take my breath…

make me
feel your thickness force
my lips apart, until I drown in
waves of spit. Choke every
thought away until my
throat is raw.

Take my words…

draw them
out and lash them, whip them
into incoherent parts until there’s nothing
left for me to use to beg, and
I am lost and limply shaking, hazy,
I can only whimper.

Take my safety…

be the net
that I fall into, the ropes
where I collapse. Stalk me from the
shadowed corners
of my troubled world. Clench me
tight enough to leave dark
welts that I can trace with sighs.

Take my pain…

light every
nerve within my
soul aflame and dance
upon my tender flesh until it
sears, until it shakes. Each scream
I give to you, each bruise
kept for myself.

Take me

fiercely, so
I cannot keep this
hidden. Take me, tear
me wide apart. Take me, tear
me everywhere.


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Kisses ~ Keri