Very Last Minute Sexy Stocking Stuffers


Did you just realize that you didn’t finish your holiday shopping – and Christmas is, like, tomorrow?  Do you need to wrap up that gift RIGHT NOW?  Want it to be something fun and kinky?

Don’t worry!  I’ve got some ideas for you that are easy to create from things you have around the house.  Because sometimes the presents we ordered online don’t arrive in time and even adult toy stores might be closed on Christmas Eve.

So here you go, some quick (but sexy) last-minute gift ideas:

1. Naked Mistletoe

Wrap up some mistletoe.  You can use some leaves you found on a plant outside and call it mistletoe, or you can do an internet search and print out a picture of some mistletoe instead.

Then, when your honey opens the gift, explain that once they strip down, they can hold that mistletoe anywhere they want over their body, and that’s where you’ll give them a Christmas kiss.

2. Easy Access

This one is for the ladies.  Take a pair of pretty panties that you like, but wouldn’t mind altering (or run to the 24-hour superstore in town to grab some nice lacy ones), and grab a pair of very sharp scissors.  Cut open a long slit over the crotch area, or cut out a strip about an inch wide.

When you’re honey opens the gift, explain that they’re actually for you to wear.  And to make things extra spicy, you’ll promise to wear them whenever your honey wants.  It may be the next time you visit your favorite restaurant or your friend’s dinner party, or ever right now – but the present is giving your honey easy access whenever they want it.

christmas wrap.jpg


3. Scavenger Hunt

Take a ribbon or strip of fabric and put a piece of it in the stocking, or wrap it up in a small box.  Before you open the stocking or gift, tie a matching piece of the ribbon or fabric somewhere hidden beneath your clothes.  You could tie it around your thigh or to your panties, or if you’re a guy, you could tie it directly to your, ahem, naughty bits.

Then when the present it opened, hint that the matching piece is somewhere on you, and your honey gets the fun of striping you down to find it.

4.  Sexy Mad Libs™

Find a nice sheet of stationary or a blank greeting card (or resort to plain computer paper if necessary), and create your own fill-in-the-blank story on it.  Write up a short story with blanks in interesting places, and indicate under or beside each blank space what should go there (verb, body part, article of clothing, etc.).

Example:  Outside the winter air was freezing, but inside things were just beginning to heat up.  He took his _____(body part), put it on her _____(body part) and began to _____(verb).  She moaned.  “Put your hand on my _____(body part),” she said, “move it _____(adverb).”  He _____(adverb) stripped off her _____ and _____(articles of clothing).  Things were getting steamy now, and he couldn’t wait to stuff her stocking, but first, she told him to _____(verb) her _____(body part).  Next, his hands had moved to her _____(body part) where he began to eagerly _____(verb).  By now she was ready to jingle his bells, so she put her _____(body part) on his _____(body part), then she grabbed his _____(body part) and whispered, “_____(verb) me.”

The point here is to combine silly with sexy.  You can even add a list of suggestions at the bottom, naming body parts (tongue, fingers, toes, tummy, neck, nipples, etc.), adverbs (faster, slowly, harder, gently), and verbs (lick, suck, kiss, massage, spank, pump).

If you use my example, make sure you change the pronouns if needed, to match up with you and your honey.  And add in your names, too, to make it more personal.

When your honey opens the gift, tell them they can fill in the blanks however they want, and then you’ll enact it when they’re done – no matter what it says!

5.  Bonus:  eBooks

Well, this one’s kind of a cheat.  🙂  But I simply can’t talk about Christmas gifts without shamelessly promoting my new Christmas-themed book, now can I??

So if you’re looking for a sexy story, head over to Amazon and you can either buy a gift certificate or actually pick out a book (like mine: Unwrapping a Mistress for Christmas!) and have it sent directly to your honey’s device of choice, or just email it to them by clicking on the “Give as a Gift” button.

Hugs and Wishes for a Kinky Christmas!  XO

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Kisses ~ Keri

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Book Release: Unwrapping a Mistress for Christmas


Today is the release day of my book, Unwrapping a Mistress for Christmas!


From the publisher:

“The best presents come wrapped in leather.

When Laynie’s coworker invites her to a sex club, she decides to go out of curiosity. And she’s got nothing better planned for Christmas break. Once there, she encounters a beautiful and mysterious woman dressed in leather and lace who calls herself Roja. Her coworker already forgotten, Laynie loses herself in a passionate kiss with the stunning woman.

Confused and embarrassed at her public display, Laynie finds comfort in Roja’s dominant but kind presence, and allows herself to be awakened to the pleasures of submitting to a firm Mistress—and a woman. But Roja’s gentle words and heavy hand teach Laynie that the best presents don’t come in a box. And that sometimes, what a girl really wants for Christmas is a good spanking.”

And is it just me, or is that cover AH-mazing??  Who wouldn’t want to spend their holidays unwrapping that??  *wink, wink*

You can find Unwrapping a Mistress for Christmas here:






It’s also available on iBookstore and Google Play.

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Ripping Open an Unjust Bodice

ripped bodice

I was recently reading about a new Kicktarter project by two sisters who plan to open America’s first exclusively romance bookstore, The Ripped Bodice.

How cool is that??

I like their spirit and their style … and I kind of wish I’d thought of it!

In some ways, however, I totally get why it’s a new concept.  After all, I don’t read ONLY romance.  I read everything.  So why would I want a bookstore that narrows my choices?

Growing up I read mostly science fiction and fantasy, without even realizing there were romances buried in the stories.  In my younger years this type of store might not have appealed to me because I wouldn’t have though they’d carry something for me … but an entire section of vampire novels?  Oh – that would have gotten me for sure.

What I see now, though, is something a little different.  There’s still a stigma against romance books that’s unfair.  And it’s not just about how they tell us in the interview that the genre is belittled because of the focus on sex (heck, my favorite stories to tell are the kinky erotic ones), but what bothers me most is that people still belittle romance books because they consider them to be a lesser form of art.  Not as important or as complicated or as special.  Not as good.

Which is, simply, unfair.

Not that I’m not going to say that there aren’t some really bad romance books out there.  I’ve read plenty of bad romance books … but I’ve read bad books from every genre (and non-genre).

And romance can still be high literature.  Take Jane Austen or Charlotte Brontë for example.  Pride and Prejudice is the ultimate romance novel.  Even Wilkie Collins, a contemporary of Charles Dickens, who pretty much single handedly created a new genre (sensational novels) is still considered just that:  a genre author.  Which sets him aside, separates him… and not in a good way.

Genre readers shouldn’t be looked down upon any more than genre writers should.

And that’s why I love the idea of The Ripped Bodice so much.  It will be a refuge.  A safe place for people to say, “I like romance books,” and not have to endure snide comments and eye-rolling.

Because we should never be ridiculed for the books we read.  We should never be ashamed of them.  We should read what we enjoy.

Books are good for us.  Every and any type of books.  We’re putting new words in our brains.  We’re expanding our universe and practicing the most perfect form of escapism

We should be proud of that.

Which is why if I’m ever in L.A. you can bet I’ll be stopping by The Ripped Bodice.  To buy some books, and to shake hands with these wonderful, proud, rightly non-apologetic women.  Smart women.  Who read romance books.

girl reading

You can read more about The Ripped Bodice at RT Book Reviews, and on their Kickstarter page.

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A New Beginning (& Kissy Pics)

Welcome to my new blog.  This will be where I explore both the stories I tell and the stories that fascinate me.

But mostly the kinky ones.

Of course, stories can be told in many ways.  I usually tell stories with words, but art is so much more multifaceted than that.

Kissing – like love – is timeless.  So tonight I’m going to share some timeless paintings of love.  Just ‘cuz.

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Kisses ~ Keri