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Welcome to the Red Light District.  These are my free erotica reads.  If you enjoy these, please hop over to my Book Page next. Enjoy….

Free Poetry

Take Me

Lost in Thought

The Rhythm of a Seduction in One Word


Free Stories

The Last Room on the Right

Last Room is not a story of whips and chains.  It is instead a tale of two lovely ladies who discover that they would like to be more than simply coworkers… and they explore that possibility (and each other) at work.

[This story is available on my website by clicking the link above.]

Crossing Borders

Crossing Borders is a story of a woman longing to break all of her own rules, and the man who helps her cross all of those pesky boundaries.  She especially enjoys when they get together to break other people’s rules too, like the no-sex-in-public type of rules.

[This story is published on the website Bellesa.]


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