Free Story: Crossing Borders

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Crossing Borders

Crossing Borders is a story of a woman longing to break all of her own rules, and the man who helps her cross all of those pesky boundaries.  She especially enjoys when they get together to break other people’s rules too, like the no-sex-in-public type of rules.

This story is published on the website Bellesa and is also listed on my Free Erotica page.


Kisses ~ Keri

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Keri Quotes: Lost in Thought {Free Poem}

Poem LOST IN THOUGHT Quote by Keri Fields

This quote is from my poem Lost in Thought which you can find on my Free Reads page of free erotic poetry and fiction.

If you enjoy the poem, be sure to also check out my book page.

Enjoy  😉

Kisses ~ Keri